Chapter Snapshots

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The Prolog

Flashbacks to the Korean War, often called “The Forgotten War” become a revealing backdrop to this novel because of a powerful steroid the bookcalled Prednisone, given to the hero of the book. The author, a Marine, had Prednisone flashbacks in his award-winning memoir, Warrior Patient. It inspired his use of the steroid as a literary device in this first novel of the six-book “Heartbeat” Series.

Although Wrinkled Heartbeats occurs in the tropical paradise of Florida’s Palm Beaches today, the flashbacks link the reader to the true story of a brutal, 17-day battle that pitted 67,000 Chinese troops against 30,000 NATO soldiers in North Korea in 1950. History records the Battle of Chosin Reservoir as a great victory for the United States Marine Corps. It becomes a revealing allegory in the novel.

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