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Every book I write has an ad campaign using artwork from chapter headings, which are then combined with editorial and reader reviews. Here are the ads for Wrinkled Heartbeats.

“Might be the most exciting Real Estate book I ever read. Good Realtor, Bad Realtor.”

Finalist at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, called the Sundance Film Festival of Books.

A war hero who tries to sell his luxury home in Boca Raton Florida discovers the deal may kill him.

“The writing is delightfully descriptive and full of vivid details.” – Readers’ Favorite

Winner of the Silver Medal in action fiction at the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards

“A well crafted and well formulated story. The plot moves at a steady but electric pace.” – Readers’ Favorite

Wrinkled Heartbeats receives the Awesome Indies approval badge

“The relationships and interactions among the characters are wonderfully written.” – Readers’ Favorite

“WrinkledHeartbeats is an excellent read.” – William W. Walton III

Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Awards as “one of best new novels of the year.”

“Wrinkled Heartbeats mesmerizes and will keep you glued to your Reading seat.” – Readers’ Favorite

“I loved the well-done flashbacks, loved the premise, loved the writer's style.” – Pieslak

“The plot was exceptional and the character development was second to none.” – Readers’ Favorite

“Great to see such quality writing and polish from an IndieAuthor. SemperFi.” – Josef Peeters

“The dual storyline keeps the pace high and the page turning rapid.” – Artemis

“It is hard to believe this is a first time fiction writer.” – Keats Soder

“Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Couldn't put it down.” – Robyn Cooper

“The author has created a richly painted tableau, all in primary colors.” – Jennifer Andrews

“Exciting, interesting, entertaining, funny, are words I'd use to describe the book.” – Irene Schyberger

“An impressive novel that has been professionally copy-edited and proofread. 5-stars.” – Awesome Indies

“If you like a good tale with great values, or are a veteran, you will love this book.” – John Green

“The present tense, unusual in a mystery story, works perfectly in this one.” – Charles A. Ray

“Wrinkled Heartbeats feel less like a novel and more like life.”—Sybil Rosen, award-winning author, screenwriter

“If you enjoy edge-of-your-seat mysteries or stories about heroic veterans, you'll love this book!” – Lisa Kearns

“Authentic characters facing real life challenges woven into a very entertaining plot.” – Artemis

“Brilliant! Hidden motives, intertwined pasts, historical flashbacks and plenty of intrigue.” – Eric Fuhrman

“Death does not stalk its messengers. It does not kill Marine Corps snipers.” – Grady Harp

“A deftly crafted and extraordinary novel, very highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Reviews

The only person who can save the hero is the person hired to kill him.

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